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This problem might caused by disabling Window feature.1. Go to 'Control Panel', 'Program and Features'.2. Click on 'Turn Window Features on or off' at the left side of the screen.3. Expand 'Legacy Components', and then tick 'DirectPlay'.4. Click 'OK' and wait until everything is finished.If the problem still occurs, please check if you DirectX is. 1 Reasons behind an issue ‘Age of Empires 3 initialization failed’ 1.1 What are the troubleshooting steps to fix initialization failed Age of Empire 3 game?

Turns out Age of Empires 3 doesn't much like a 2nd GPU with a second monitor. (Will document back soon on if I can get it functioning with my 2nd GPU and 2nd monitor running)What I do to fix it:1) Uninstall it from Steam.2) Close Steam (Click on Vapor in the top still left of the Vapor window, then Exit)3) Delete the Age of Empires 3 folder in the Vapor install listing. Default is D:Program Data files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonAge of Empires 3. Delete the Age group of Empires 3 folder.4) Delete the Age group of Empires 3 folder in Papers My Games.


Default website directory should end up being Chemical:Customers(the title you have got in your personal computer)DocumentsMy Video games. Delete the Age group of Empires 3 folder.5) Reinstall Age group of Empires 3.6) Once reinstalled, alter your keep track of's quality to 1024 a 7687) Start Age group of Empires 3! Aged subject:Sorry for reviving such an outdated topic, but I can't discover much up-to-date details on this.I'meters unable to enjoy AoE 3 (Vapor) on my machine. When I click on 'Play,' the 'Age of Empires III' logo design/image comes up, then it provides me an error saying my device doesn't satisfy the program requirements (says I have 0 MB movie memory. If I select 'attempt to run,' it provides me the 'Immediate3D initialization' error.Before this, I had to download á DLL that has been missing.

Of program I've forgotten it'beds name, even though.The compatibility will be arranged to XP SP 3, run as admin. I've tried modifying the xml information to 60hz . refresh, 1024 resolution, etc, and also gone through the 'How to Fix Direct3D errors' on Tom's Guide. Nothing of it'beds worked well for me.I has been able to run AoE 3 on my HD 6870 back again in the times of Windows 8.1, but can'capital t on my Ur9 380 (windows 10).My drivers are usually CCC 15.7.1 (I have got unrelated issues with Red). 15.7 drivers also doesn't work.Any assist/suggestions appreciated.Thanks a lot in progress!Edit:We've examined the log (like I shouId've from thé begin) and it says 'PreGame 7753: nvCPL will be inaccessible.'

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strikeGoing to try putting the nvcpl.dIl from dll-fiIes into AoE3'beds folder, see if it corrects. Will revise thread if it will or doesn'capital t./strikeDidn'capital t work.Back again to the sketching board.

Set it!Turns out Age of Empires 3 doesn't very much like a second GPU with a 2nd keep track of. (Will document back shortly on if I can obtain it operating with my second GPU and second keep track of running)What I do to repair it:1) Uninstall it from Vapor.2) Close up Vapor (Click Steam in the upper still left of the Vapor window, then Exit)3) Delete the Age of Empires 3 folder in the Steam install directory site. Default can be C:Program Documents (a86)SteamsteamappscommonAge of Empires 3. Delete the Age of Empires 3 folder.4) Delete the Age of Empires 3 folder in Docs My Video games. Default directory should become C:Users(the title you have got in your computer)DocumentsMy Video games.

Delete the Age group of Empires 3 folder.5) Reinstall Age of Empires 3.6) As soon as reinstalled, change your monitor's quality to 1024 a 7687) Release Age group of Empires 3!I'm heading to do some screening and will review back with results in case anyone in the future offers this problem.

0 Ballots4 ViewsSo I discovered the CD place of Age group of Empires 3 in a older package and made the decision to set up it on my windows 10 laptop computer. The install proceeded to go fine nothing wrong there, but when I consider to begin up AoE it'll bring you a screen that provides the have fun with uninstall website exit as the options and I'll click on play. The display screen shows the launching display and then an mistake springs up that says Initialization Failed. I tried enabling compatibility mode, but that didn't work so I'm right here hoping someone else has acquired the exact same issue. Simply as a fast clarification THIS Can be NOT THE STEAM VERSION (Age group OF EMPIRES III: Choices) THIS THE REGULAR CD VERSION (Age group OF EMPIRES III).

This mistake which some people have reported seems to happen mostly if you run a widescreen monitor. I believe the issue has been fixed since the demo was put collectively so it will function in the full edition of the sport.I really got the mistake on my personal device when I installed the demo and I've found I believe two work arounds on my personal machine to repair it.1.) Delete the file NewProfile.xml in your /Age of Empires 3 Demo/Users/NewProfile.xml directory site.1A.) Set your display resolution to 1024x768, then rerun the game.or even.2.) Open up NewProfile.xml and good the range that specifies thé optiongrfxres and modify the res to state 1024x768. In my specific situation it has been initializing to 1280x768, which my device did not like significantly.For some cause it initializes to a quality some movie cards possess issues with if you have got a widescreen monitor (I have the 24' widescreen at house and experienced this problem)It appears to only happen the very first period you operate the game, I believe once you get it upward and operating as soon as, it doesn't take place again.Wish this helps, it worked for me.G.S. Make sure you answer back if this proved helpful for you. It appears about half the help threads are about this issue.

I've attempted doing both of items, properly at least attempted because I only had a DefaultProfile ánd no userprofile.xmII am not certain though if this is certainly the exact same problem that I am having, had been attempting to run the sport I obtain a small screen that pops up in the center of the display screen with only an Fine key and a reddish circle with a whitened X in the middle of it. The windowpane isn't titled and states nothing at all in it.

AIl I can perform is close it. I've attempted searching to observe if creates a journal when I try out to do this but aIas it doésn't.Anyone understand how to repair this? Hello guys,I am not certain if this is definitely applicable right here but I'll test in any case. My pc seems to screen the game a little bit improperly. The video game operates but the graphics (also when established on higher) seem off.My VoodooPC is certainly as follows:AthIon 64 3000ATI Radeon Times800 XT PE1 Gig RAMI don't know how to publish a image so I imagine I will just possess to explain it. Everything appears kind of Age group of Empires II in conditions of images except for the drinking water. There seems to become no depth to the textures.

They require the right colors as well. Not certain if this will assist resolve my issue.

If you know how to write-up a picture then please inform me so I can obtain this issue resolved quicker.Thanks in advance. To clarify, this is certainly for the mistake where it actually informs you your g3d initialization failed, followed by some possible causes.There's another problem people are apparently getting where an error box jumps up with no text message in it át all. I'm not certain what that a single is unfortunately.This is certainly pretty unforgiveble Ha sido, after waiting around so very long you releash a bug filled matter you cant even start. Are you informing me you didnt actuly test to operate the demo on even more than one config before releasing it?? That appears to me the only method you could miss an mistake where the game cannot even weight!This information has long been modified by darknessoffate (edited @ 02:13 PM).

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