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Serve scrumptious cakes to quirky customers in Jill’s latest bakery adventure!

Cake Mania 3

One life season 3 modpack. One of the almost all successful games of the Tycoon type from latest years is usually back again; this time with a totally new edition where the enjoyment is guaranteed.Wedding cake Mania 2 is certainly an thrilling game whose major objective is definitely to become the best baker in the entire world. To perform this you require to bake numerous cakes regarding to the needs of your clients, and their signals. This method you'll increase your earnings and expand your company toward brand-new frontiers such as adjoining towns, or actually other countries.Minimum needs for software program operation:- Processor chip: 800 MHz.- Ram memory: 256 MB.Video clip Cards: 32 MB.DirectX 9.0.Limitations of the Trial Edition:- You'll end up being capable to enjoy this amazing sport for only 60 mins.

Cake Mania 3 Download

  • Download Cake Mania 2 for free at Retro64. Safe, easy and 100% free of any adware or spam.
  • Cake Mania 2 (bfjllpp.exe). Jill is back!! A new adventure to come is the result after Jill re-opens the Evan Bakery and now she'll have a new adventure with new costumers to serve, new cakes to bake and new far-flung bakery locations!!!
  • Download Cake Mania 2. Get the full version of Cake Mania 2 for $2.99! Get the full version with more features, full-screen graphics and more! Show big bad business who's boss and reopen the family bakery. Cake Mania 3. Travel through time to ensure Jill's wedding goes off without a hitch. Burger Island. Help Patty turn around.
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