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Chart Jowo is certainly a map for the sport Euro Pickup truck Simulator 2 which consists of many towns in Coffee, Philippines. This map can be suitable for you whó like the regional atmosphere, specifically Coffee and presently Jowo map provides been updated with version 7.2 for ETS2 V1.30 game.Relating to D-0fficial as the supply of this Map Jowo, this folder can be only upgarde committed to customers of ETS2 Version 1.30. There are usually no city or design additions in this edition. Chart Jowo V7.2 is definitely a processing of the prior version.Réquires:- ETS2 Scandinavia DLCHow to Use:1. Download- MJ 7.2 (ets2v.1.30).7z.001- MJ 7.2 (ets2v.1.30).7z.002- MJ 7.2 (ets2v.1.30).7z.0032. Put 3 files in one foIder.3.

Download Map Jawa Ets2

Map Jowo is a map for the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 which consists of several cities in Java, Indonesia. This map is suitable for you who like the local atmosphere, especially Java and currently Jowo map has been updated with version 7.2 for ETS2 V1.30 game. Download Mod Map Jateng (Jawa Tengah) by Donal ETS2 Map Jateng dibangun dengan kota-kota yang berada di jawa tengah, ada tol cipali dan sampai ke kota kendal.Map buatan mas donal ini bisa dipakai di ETS2 v1.26 dan untuk saat ini belum tersedia untuk v1.23 v1.24 dan v1.25. Map Jowo v 7.2 Euro Truck Simulator 2 versi 1.30 - Sebenarnya ada banyak versi map jowo mulai dari versi 4 sampai versi 7.2, tapi dengan hadirnya update berkala membuat pemain pemula bingung pasalnya file mod selalu berkaitan dengan mod map versi sebelumnya, nah untuk map jowo versi 7.2 kali ini sangat simpel karena tidak perlu mengunduh file versi sebelumnya. Jika yang belum punya game nya silahkan download di bawah ini! Local link (slow) (lambat/perlahan) Patch from any older version to 1.16.2 (900 MB) Patch from 1.15.1 to 1.16.2 (50 MB) jika ada yang ingin patch nya silahkan download di bawah ini! Fast download links; Patch from any older version to 1.16.2 - Patches-Scrolls.

Right-click on the file “MJ 7.2 (ets2v.1.30).7z.001”, then select “Extract Here”.4. Enter the password. Security password: tanpapassword5.

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The 3 data files will be automatically removed.6. If the extract process is productive after that the data files will show up as follows:- mjbase.go- mjmap.squat- Credit score.txt- ICRF Bottom Credit score.txt- CARA PAKAl.txt- Mod manager.png7. Copy mjbase.diddly mjmap.go to the mód folder.8.

Download Map Jawa Tengah Ets2

Enable both modes in manager mode (observe instance mod manager picture).9. Select Using Module “ina.mbd”.10. At v 1.30 no longer needed “mj climate” setting.2.

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If you have DLC Vive Are generally Portugal, and accidents while making use of Jowo Chart, you can unpIug it béfore it fails.Blog site: it!Credit:Badroe Zaman100 MB Part 1100 MB Component 288 MB Component 3.

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