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Gundam Seed Destiny VS Gundam 00 Season 2 gundam crossover battle music:Gundam Seed ost3:Gundam 00 ost 4 make this video for someone request im tried to use voice from other video game and story.

Click to broaden.Heero might possess this too, but it took him yrs of training tó develope, while Kirá was born with exceptional strength, strength, intelligence. He had been naturally forward of any regular human. Then he had been uncovered to fight and acquired expertise through combating people with simular abilities.Heero faught ágainst Treize, who had been one of the greatest pilots in the collection, but just a individual.I picture Treize and Heero would become the same as Mu La Flaga, the greatest a regular human could be, but kept back again by the absence of perfection in his genes.

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Yeah btu if kira will go into seed mode then he will avoid 00 raiser trans are strike and after that fire place it with the chest laser he has ánd if its cuz óf maintaining away after that kira can engage the dragoon system and use them to type the laser beam barrage so he uses it as a method to draw him back and in a completing blow iff raiser were to demolish strike freedom i individually would suggest in the last whack to initialize the nuclear push inside strike freedom and attempt to escape and if u cant get away then just pass away honorably. Yeah but Kiras energy sheild or lets call it what it is usually an I-feiId sheild can only block power type weapons. While bóth the Exiá AND 00 had been ment for obtaining through power feilds. Now I dislike to tell you supporters of seed this but seedling mode is definitely not like a new kind. In truth seed mode has certainly not been explained except for án artical whére it has been stated that seedling mode is definitely simply the rendering of a preliminary at their limitations it is not exceptional to cordinators ié Cagalii who was given birth to in a normal way.

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To put in plainly any one Thatr has ever been recently in a Gundam cartoons can make use of seed setting. Which can make sence as viewing as how Gundam seedling was ment to become known as Gundam sin but had been changed for both the Us relese and Thé japnese relese. So if you understand Gundam a adhere to up tital tells us something about the show. Therefore when the display was transformed to 'seed' Seed setting was added in.

While if sin was positioned in it would stand for the faults of kiras dad. Where do you hear the Strike Freedom has limitless strength if I keep in mind correctly Phase shift armor only can last for ten moments after that a Seedling Gundam is basicly a norm suit.Goto Page:1.

  1. Apr 01, 2018  The Strike Freedom finally makes its way in Gundam Versus (2017). Coming outfitted with a large selection of ranged weaponry, will the Strike Freedom be able to keep up with the rest of the.
  2. Strike Freedom Gundam vs Destiny Gundam. A collection of gundam artwork from around the web. Gundam Seed Gundam Art Mobile Suit Destiny Battle Artworks Freedom Highlights Liberty. More information. Saved to Gundam. Strike Freedom by acidburn on DeviantArt See more.
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