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There are currently 10 Perks in Killing Floor 2: the Berserker, the Commando, the Support, the Field Medic, the Demolitionist, the Firebug, the Gunslinger, the Sharpshooter, the. Jun 24, 2017  Based on perk used to the maximum level aka 80% headshot or more with the most optimal perk selection and weapons. That's basically how I'd order them, Maybe Supp in A tier now as I really like the different loadouts for it which makes it a viable class for holding against trash and big zeds and med can float around between top and B tiers.

The tough part about creating a 'best weapons by perk' list is that that no perk (well almost) works on its own. IE: SS railgun vs m14. You'll want to get a railgun if your area of control is too small, or you don't have great large zed kill ability.

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Killing Floor 2 Best Perks For Support

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This does NOT imply being the last person alive in a MULTIPLAYER match. Please listing if you are usually talking about HoE ór Suicidal in yóur reaction.Individually, I think it would have to become possibly the Assistance Professional, Sharpshooter, or Berserker. Support because of crowd control, huge harm and the ability to bring a tool for quite very much all situations. Sharpie because of massive damage if utilized correctly, fast gets rid of on fleshpounds and scrakes, range and quite decent ammo reserves. Zerker because óf no ammo troubles, velocity, kiting capability and damage taking reductions.I furthermore know that solutions will vary based on the chart, go ahead and listing them!Thanks a lot! My solo HoE problems map finalization achievements had been gained as follows:Sharpshooter wave 1 to have got a crossbow to market.Firebug through wave 4 or 5.Berserker with Husk Weapon katana for waves 5-6.Berserker with Husk Gun claymore or fire axe machete for surf 7-10Support for patriarch.The husk fireball launcher allows your solo kiting berserker to eliminate much quicker than he normally would. A faster kill rate will really make kiting more harmful but I chosen it for the faster removing speed.Assistance is possibly much much easier to single later dunes today with thé HSG-1 shotgun.

This nevertheless party favors a extremely great, funneled, camping spot. Zerker can be fingers down the least complicated class to perform with, if you don't thoughts getting your time and know a few things.I put on't obtain why people state medic. Medics don'testosterone levels have got any method that I know of to properly take a scrake (web browser. Guarenteed to not take damage), and at the finish of a chart, you'll likely have your shield with a few dents in it and possess to kill 8 scrakes in a line.After that, either assistance or sharpened. The previous can crowd control wonderfully, and can eliminate FPs without a issue and scrakés if you'ré good. The latter can kill big points without a issue, but suffers when facing a masses or when surprised (kiting and discover two gorefasts around a part for illustration), as they'll need to get headshots extremely rapidly and accurately.I don't obtain individuals who speak about camping out in singleplayer ón suicidal+. I'vé in no way really liked the vaIidity of that, ás it demands a place with one entrance, and demands you to become capable to take down zeds as they arrive at you, mainly because well as becoming able to consider down throngs of people of zeds with a large unpleasant in their middle, which AFAIK, no class can perform effectively.Commando suffers from the same issue as a medic (large nasties, whut?) and firebug functions on kitable routes like Suburbia (and.

Killing Floor Best Perk 2

Nope, just suburbia), but sufférs (in my knowledge) on pretty much almost all other maps.Demo is certainly really tough. Could POSSIBLY make it with katana/HC/Michael32, but you'd be playing to demonstrate you can, instead than for convenience of have fun with. Zerker is definitely fingers down the least complicated course to perform with, if you put on't brain using your time and know a few issues.I put on't get why people state medic. Medics don't possess any method that I understand of to securely get a scrake (ie. Guarenteed to not really take damage), and at the end of a chart, you'll most likely have got your armour with a few marks in it and have to eliminate 8 scrakes in a row.After that, either assistance or razor-sharp. The previous can masses control wonderfully, and can destroy Frames per second without a issue and scrakés if you'ré great. The last mentioned can eliminate big points without a problem, but experiences when facing a crowd or when amazed (kiting and discover two gorefasts around a corner for illustration), as they'll need to get headshots very quickly and accurately.I don't obtain people who speak about camping out in singleplayer ón suicidal+.

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I'vé by no means really liked the vaIidity of that, ás it needs a place with one entrance, and demands you to be able to get down zeds as they arrive at you, mainly because properly as getting able to take down locations of zeds with a huge awful in their midst, which AFAIK, no class can do effectively.Commando suffers from the same problem as a medic (huge nasties, whut?) and firebug functions on kitable maps like Suburbia (and. Nope, just suburbia), but sufférs (in my encounter) on pretty much nearly all other maps.Demo is certainly really hard. Could POSSIBLY create it with katana/HC/M32, but you'd become enjoying to demonstrate you can, instead than for ease of have fun with.Support requires down huge nasties on Sui+ very simple on solo. With grenades áa12 and huntingshotgun you should be able to get everything really rapidly. Every map offers a place you can keep one path. Quickest method to solo a map IMO.Commando isn't significantly harder either- simply have offperk m32 (will take some clever perk changing but you can have got it for influx 2 very conveniently) with your option of AR and you don't also possess to kité with that Ioadout.

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