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It kinda disappoints me thát I couIdn't notice the hatch on the still left at the entrance wasn'testosterone levels rotating the reverse path of the turret. (At minimum not really that I saw.) the MBT-70 was a combined project that the Gérmans and the People worked on jointly before the Germans made the decision it costed as well much to remain with. I believe the KPZ-70 is certainly the a language like german prototype from the MBT-70 program and since all the team has been in the turrét of thé MBT-70, the motorists hatch spun opposite the turrét so he couId still observe where the container was heading while interesting.

War Thunder Kpz 70 Reload


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Aug 24, 2017  War Thunder’s update 1.71, will introduce both versions of the project to the respective research trees of the American (MBT-70) and German (KPz-70) ground forces, as a rank VI vehicle. So as I get closer and closer to tier 6, I've started thinking about which MBT I should be going for first. The Kpz-70 seems a lot better (and at.7 higher it should be), has the same good mobility, has a good APFSDS round, semi real armor (though based on what I've seen you can't rely on it like with the Leos), and might be an overall better choice to start grinding tier 6 tanks with.

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